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Montana Taxes: Sales, Income, Corporate, and Property Taxes

The State of Montana has no use and levies no general sales tax on consumers, a standard also shared by Delaware, Alaska, New Hampshire and Oregon. Two of Montana's excise taxes are the cigarette tax (1921), $1.70 per pack, ranking this tax 13th highest, and the gasoline tax (1947), 27.75 cents per gallon, 18th in United States.

 State & Local Tax Burden Chart - Western StatesMontana's personal income tax rate is composed of seven individual brackets. The top rate, ~6.9%, is levied when a person's income surpasses ~$14,900. Montana is 15th among states taxing at the individual level. In 2005, Montana taxed the individual $763, 26th in the United States.

Montana has both a state and local property tax, making it one of 37 states levying both. Like the majority of states levying both, Montana's local property tax rate is higher than the state's property tax rate. According to fiscal year 2004 data from the United States Census Bureau, Montana loacalities and communities reaped $774,842,000 from property taxes. During fiscal year 2002, Montana collected $183,937,000 in property taxes. The same year, combined state & local property tax collections equaled close to $959,000,000, which was $1034 per capita, 20th in the U.S. The 2006 figure puts the amount at $3108 per capita, ranking Montana 44th in the United States.

Montana's corporate tax structure consists of a flat rate 6.75%. Among states with a corporate income tax, Montana's is 28th highest in the U.S. In 2006, state-level corporate tax collections (minus local taxes) averaged $162.68 per capita, 18th in United States.

Montana Tax Payer's Association     The Tax Foundation - Montana State & Local Tax Burden

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Montana Taxes: Sales, Income, Corporate, and Property Taxes
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